How to build Chat Website like Omegle / Chatroulette

 This series of tutorial gives you a complete walk-through of how to build a chat website similar to Omegle or Chatroulette. We will start from complete scratch, and build it step-to-step, then make it official and online with your customized URL at the end.  I'm trying to build everything in this website using the latest, fastest APIs, platforms and technologies available. The server side will be on Node.js, which is extremely efficient for fast and scalable web application. The client side's video chat feature uses the latest Google's WebRTC technology, which allows you to access video/audio input without downloading and installing any extra plugins, hence it's much more secure and comprehensive than the old Flash-based video canvas.



 Anymeeting - Free Online Meeting Software Review



 Best Webinar Software - [Any Meeting] vs [Go To Meeting] vs. [Webinars On Air] Review

 AnyMeeting - great service, the downside about their free service is that they have ads. If you are looking to build any type of brand, then you do not want ads to appear. It looks unprofessional, and people may click on ads that have to do with your niche, therefore; you lose customers. They do not have the bells and whistles that WOA has. Another great service. The downfall is that they are highly priced. Seriously. Everything is hosted through them, and it is a very professional platform, but, they have high prices. They don't have the bells and whistles that WOA has.

[WebinarsOnAir] This is my top pick. Best bang for my buck. Has all of the features that I would want as a marketer, and the price is ridiculously low. They can afford to give cheap memberships because everything is hosted through the Google Hangout platform. There are also no crazy programs/softwares that must be downloaded for you or your people to download. This is essential.





 Hangout Plugin | Video Conference Software and Online Meeting Software

 The hangout plugin is cutting edge webinar technology that works with google hangouts and youtube.  The Hangout plugin allows you to capture the names and emails of your webinar attendees, run interactive CHAT during the google hangout, maintain branding - while showing hangouts from youtube and even send follow up emails to your attendees.  The hangout plugin is as close to a free webinar software as you will find.  putting the incredible power of google hangouts into webinar professionalism.